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  • June 03, 2015

Eat Local

Join Ted and support local farmers in bringing more Ontario food to the table

Eating local isn’t just good for Ontario families – it’s good for our local economy. Environment Hamilton has launched a websitethat can help you locate local food, “pick your own” services, famer’s markets and fruit stands. We’ll continue to work with the agri-food sector, including retailers and food service operators, to bring more Ontario food to the table

Ontario is a strong supporter of local food production and sales. Since 2003, the province has invested more than $160 million in initiatives and projects that help promote and celebrate the good things that are grown, harvested and made in Ontario.

The Ontario government has consulted with farmers, processors, consumers, retailers, foodservice providers and not-for-profit organizations to discuss local food opportunities and challenges.

Based on those consultations, the province developed a multipronged local food strategy, with a clear vision, mission and goals focused on increasing the consumption of local food by bringing more local food to the places where Ontarians shop and eat.

Through a number of ongoing activities, including the Local Food Act, 2013, the government is aiming to:

  1. increase consumer awareness and education,
  2. improve access to local food, and
  3. ensure that there is sufficient supply to meet demand.



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