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  • March 07, 2016

Building the Talent and Skills of Indigenous Learners at Mohawk College

Ontario Increasing Opportunities for First Nation, Métis, Inuit Communities

News                                                                                                                        March 7, 2016

Ontario is funding a new project at Mohawk College to support the success of Aboriginal learners in our Region 

  • · Mohawk College is undertaking a research project to review Aboriginal Education Council (AEC) practices and best practices.

The project focuses on Aboriginal community engagement, AEC membership selection, governance models and methodology for measuring effectiveness. 

  • · Mohawk College, working with regional partners, is continuing the Bundled Arrows Initiative, a comprehensive regional Indigenous Education Plan.

The second phase of the Bundled Arrows Initiative is continuing to integrate the Bundled Arrows network of institutions with local school boards. 

And in addition:

  • Grand River Employment & Training (GREAT) , funds for education supports in skilled trades for employment readiness, $450,000 over 3 years
  • McMaster University, to support curriculum development to preserve unique dialect of Mohawk spoken at Six Nations,  $177,456 over three years
  • Aboriginal Institutes Consortium (AIC), data collection, standardization and implementation of data, and to harmonize the data collection around nine Aboriginal Institutes  $1,140,000 for 2015-2016

These projects are receiving support from Ontario’s Targeted Initiatives Fund. The province is investing $3 million to the Targeted Initiatives Fund in 2015-16 to support 20 projects at postsecondary education and training institutions, community-based organizations and other service delivery partners. The Aboriginal Institutes Consortium - a group of Aboriginal controlled post-secondary education and training institutes - will also receive support to standardize and harmonize how they collect student and program data to help to monitor the performance of programs and services offered to Aboriginal learners. 

This announcement reflects the province’s June 2015 commitment for stable funding of Aboriginal postsecondary education totaling $97 million over three years, including an additional $5 million to support the sustainability of Ontario's nine Aboriginal-owned and operated postsecondary education and training institutes located throughout the province.

Investing in the talent and skills of First Nation, Métis, and Inuit learners is one of the many steps on Ontario’s journey of healing and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. It reflects the government’s commitment to work with Indigenous partners, creating a better future for everyone in the province.



“The Targeted Initiative Fund supports innovative and thoughtful approaches to helping Aboriginal learners achieve successful outcomes and how appropriate that Mohawk College is receiving support for a project that will positively benefit students in our Regional community for years to come.”

 — Ted McMeekin MPP, Ancaster Dundas Flamborough Westdale 

"Our new strategic plan calls for Mohawk to further strengthen our leadership role in Indigenous education. The Government of Ontario's $1.25 million investment will help Mohawk and our partners build the region's first Indigenous education plan, share best practices among Aboriginal Education Councils and help us deliver on our commitments to Indigenous students and the communities we serve." 

- Ron McKerlie, Mohawk College President 

 “The Targeted Initiatives Fund will ensure  that Indigenous students from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory and Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation will benefit from the programs offered by Grand River Employment & Training.  It means urban Aboriginal youth can continue employment training in their own community and lay the foundation for future skilled employment." 

-Dave Levac MPP, Brant 

“First Nation, Métis and Inuit learners deserve equal access to high quality postsecondary education and skills training programs that will help them get good jobs. The Targeted Initiatives Fund projects will help provide students with direct educational opportunities as well as initiatives that support learning environments that are anchored in the diverse cultural and linguistic traditions of Aboriginal communities.”

— Reza Moridi, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities 

”The Targeted Initiatives Fund is helping to provide tangible examples of reconciliation that make a difference in the lives of Indigenous students. The programs supported by the fund will give Indigenous students the tools they need to succeed. We will continue to look to them and other Indigenous partners for guidance and leadership as we walk the path of reconciliation together.”

— David Zimmer, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs


  • The Targeted Initiatives Fund has supported 54 projects at colleges, universities, Aboriginal Institutes and Aboriginal community organizations across Ontario since 2013  through three separate calls for proposals.
  • The Targeted Initiative Fund is open to all colleges, universities, Aboriginal postsecondary education and training institutes, Aboriginal training service providers and Aboriginal community organizations.
  • A one-time investment of $5 million was provided through the 2015 Ontario Budget to support the sustainability of Ontario’s nine Aboriginal postsecondary education and training institutes.
  • Achieving Results through Partnership highlights a number of successful programs that are giving Aboriginal learners relevant education and skills training opportunities.
  • Ontario provides $1.5 million in annual funding through the Aboriginal Student Bursary Fund to help Aboriginal learners with financial needs participate in postsecondary education and training.
  • In 2013-14, about 16,036 self-identified Aboriginal learners attended college and university in Ontario, an increase of about nine per cent or 1,472 learners since 2009-10.




Aboriginal Postsecondary Education and Training Bursary

Aboriginal Institutes

Aboriginal Postsecondary Education and Training Policy Framework

Aboriginal Education Strategy



For further information, please contact Ted McMeekin MPP 905-690-6552 




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